Assisted swim lessons for kids under three-years-old are great for getting infants and toddlers comfortable in the water.

Written by: Jessie Drogemuller


It is always best to get started learning safety and life skills as early as possible. AQUA offers swim lessons starting as young as two-months-old. Lessons for this age group are assisted with a parent in the water up until 3-years-old. This is an important time to develop confidence in the water as well as in oneself. Having their parent in the water allows the student to believe in themselves and feel safe with those they trust most.

During these lessons, the students develop a connection to the water and strong instincts that will later grow into swimming skills. The swimmers learn the basics of kicking, pulling, blowing bubbles, floating, and gliding. While they are assisted by either their parent or their instructor, the student is still gaining confidence in these skills and it will be easier for them to learn on their own in the future.

The students and parents spend quality time learning together and building trust through a new experience. In taking parent/tot or parent/infant lessons, the participants are not only developing new skills, but they are increasing the already strong bonds they share. The parents get to be a part of a learning and growing experience, first hand, while the student feels support and strength in having their parent there.

All of these factors contribute greatly to the success of the students during these lessons. The material they are learning is important, but the support they are receiving makes all the difference.