As we are moving through the New Year, many families are making New Year’s resolutions. We all know about the common New Year’s resolutions, losing weight, exercising, eat healthier, manage stress better, or improving finances. At AQUA, one of our biggest New Year’s resolutions is to help keep your child engaged in swimming lessons.

This is a great opportunity for you to bond with your child(ren) and ask them what they are learning in each lesson.

Ask your kids:

  • What did they learn? – Learning is essential to growth! We like to use a lot of contagious positive reinforcement!
  • What did they overcome? – Overcoming obstacles are great life lessons. Some things might be scary, but those are when we learn the most!
  • What made them happiest? Negative situations can stick to you like glue. Be sure to focus on the good as well. Remind your kids of all of the wonderful things that happen to them!
  • What made them proud? When kids realize what makes them proud, they are more likely to do more of the same!

Start the New Year off right and get involved in swimming lessons. Our experience, dedication, and passion will make you feel right at home.