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Find a way to connect in the process of learning to swim. Helping students learn and process information can make a huge difference in their overall abilities.

Written by: Jessie Drogemuller

Parent or guardian involvement can make a huge difference in how a child behaves during lessons. When the loved ones show excitement and support, the child will be more likely to perform at an attentive and happy state. If the students are having fun and enjoying what they are doing, the information will stay with them easier and they have the potential to move up in their levels quicker.

This is all especially true at the lower levels. Younger kids rely more on their parents and need that reassurance that they are doing a good job. Positive reinforcement goes a long way while learning a new skill. While this is something all AQUA Swim School employees are taught, it means more to a student for their loved ones to recognize the accomplishments, both big and small.

Lessons in which the parent or guardian is in the water with the student rely heavily on adult participation. During these lessons, it is important that the adult becomes involved; sing the songs, play the games, ask questions, and most importantly show excitement. In most cases, if the adult is uninterested or non-committal, the student will be too.

Take the time to watch class, stay present, and congratulate your students on something new they did. Positive feedback brings a new level of excitement that keeps kids wanting to come back. Once they have learned enough, go to an open swim session and ask your student to teach you something they learned!