You have made the important decision to enroll your infant or toddler into swimming lessons! Congratulations, you are making a very important safety decision for them and teaching them to be safe in the water. When you are in the water with your young one, learning to decode their signals can assist in making the lessons go smoother. Our experiences show there are three common cues:

  1. Crying – Tears may erupt in class and that is ok. You may want to calm your infant or toddler as quickly as possible and keep them quiet. Remember, if your baby or toddler cannot communicate yet, this is them communicating with you that they are uncomfortable. Try stepping off to the side of the class to comfort them and then return to the group.
  2. Excessive Clinginess – Your baby may not want to leave your side. Think first what might be going through your child’s mind. Could they be tired? Maybe a diaper needs changing? Or are they hungry? We usually find this is only temporary. Work to incorporate what is happening in class while tending to your little one.
  3. Tantrums – Uh oh. We all have been there. If this happens in class, try stepping off to the side and see what the fuss is about. The important thing is to provide support for your child and see what upset them while you are remaining calm.

Lessons with infants or toddler may not always go well as young ones will experience different emotions during a class, but we feel it is important to take care of your child first and then come back to class. Our experienced staff is here to help you get the most possible out of your lessons! We can’t wait to see you in the pool!