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One of AQUA’s biggest goals is to provide exposure of swimming in our communities and have the members of the community safer when around or near water. One of the best aspects of swimming lessons is to meet new people and make new friends! Below are some benefits and things we find great about making friends during lessons!

  • Share the experience – Whether this is your child’s first class, or your child is introduced to a new skill, some nerves may be present. That is OK by us! Seeing a friend conquer a new skill or get in for the first time can help alleviate some nerves. Seeing a friend get excited about blowing bubbles or performing a float creates excitement! Sharing these experiences with a swimming pal helps creates lasting memories!
  • Friends learn from each other – We believe in our ratios of 1:3, this provides our instructors with ample time with each child to work on skills. This also allows other students to watch and observe what their friends are working on in class. We have seen countless times a friend encourages another friend to blow bubbles “Just like this!” as they go underwater!
  • Learn through play – We believe in teaching cognitive skills through games and play. When kids are more engaged, they are more likely to learn the skills and have FUN in the process! Having fun with friends is even better!

We know you will have a BLAST with us and make many lasting relationships just as your child(ren) will make many friends as well! Give us a call today and get in the pool, because when you know, YOU KNOW!