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Group Swim Lessons (1:4)

SwimSchool (All Ages)

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   Aqua Babies
For our 3 years and younger we are all about safety, comfort, balance, increased strength, buoyancy and fun! We are not trying to create backstrokers and freestylers just yet!
Level1 - Starfish (6-18 month olds)

Our Level 1 swim school class is designated for toddlers ages 6-18 months old.
Both parents and tots are in the water with the instructor learning the basics of safe water activity and begin familiarizing themselves with the pool, equipment, and the new environment.


Level2 - Seahorse (19-36 month olds)

The Level 2 classes are for beginning level swimmers we do not have the ability to swim on their own but our advanced enough for small group classes with an instructor.
Swimmers in the these classes will learn the fundamentals of water safety from floating and kicking, to beginning to learn freestyle and backstroke in on patterns with floatation assistance. 


   Aqua Fish - Preschool (ages 3 - 5 years)
Aqua Fish focus on developing personal water safety and beginning swimming skills that is properly designed for children about 3 -5 years of age. Still giving them the fun environment of songs and games to help them learn but introducing them to stroke and skill terminology that will be used through out their AquaClub experience.
Level3 - Guppy

Level 3 classes are designed for beginning swimmers who are comfortable floating and swimming for short distances in the pool and are ready to take on more advanced skills.
He's classes include teaching the fundamentals of the freestyle and backstroke, swimming with their face in the water, breathing technique, and advanced kicking drills for balance in the water.


Level4 - Rainbow

Swimmers who are ready for the Level 4 classes are able to swim longer distances in the pool without any assistance.
They are familiar with freestyle and backstroke and are able to swim comfortably with their face in the water.
These classes are designed to further improve the swimmers' efficiency in the water by teaching the importance of streamline and proper wall push offs.
These classes also cover more advanced swimming techniques including the introduction of breaststroke kick and dolphin kick.


   AquaCubs - Youth (ages 5 years and older)
AquaCubs is where the basic skills and development of all four strokes are done. The swimmers will be given all they need to know to be prepared to continue to the competitive swim teams.
Level5 - Angel

In our level 5 classes, swimmers are ready to begin swimming the entire length of the pool (20-25 yards).
These classes are designed to build the swimmers' confidence and endurance in the pool by introducing swimmers to various drills to improve freestyle breathing, backstroke body positioning, and by introducing the swimmers to the full breaststroke and butterfly technique.


Level6 - Cardinal

swimmers that are enrolled in on level six swim school classes are very comfortable with swimming long distances in a variety of different styles and techniques.
The purpose of these classes is to further improve the swimmers stroke technique and knowledge of competitive swimming through the development of the four competitive strokes.
Swimmers at this level will also begin learning how to dive into the water.


Level7 - Dolphin

Level 7 is the final level of our swim school and is designed specifically to prep swimmers for the competitive swim teams.
These classes aim to give the swimmers the confidence and endurance they need to practice in the larger group settings and are introduced to competitive swimming when you "lingo", short swim sets, flip turns, diving from starting blocks, and further refining their technique within the four competitive strokes.


** All L2S lessons are 30 min long, 1 time per week **

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